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March 25, 2014

Huh? Animal Jam is offline. OH MAh GeRd!

Hey all you jammers! Oh my GERD, AJ is offline! Wow. They are making room for New Animals & New Jammers, as it says on their blog.

A new look of the "Animal Jam is Offline!" sign. *Sniffle*. Yup, all you jammers (INCLUDING ME) are stuck away from Jamaa for, like an hour or so. I am going to be pretty busy today but I will bring you the scoop on AJ when it gets back online. And it looks like Liza ain't too happy about it either. (XDDDD).

Do you like the new blog music!? If you want it for your blog, go to "Blogger Tips" and click on the link to SCM music player.

~ Londonpie

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