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March 30, 2014

Milkshake Hats & Great Nature Project

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Milkshake Hat! Sold in the April Fools Party!

Don't you think AJ are getting a bit OTT over the April Fools Items?

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

If you don't know about the Great Nature Project watch the video below!

This morning i had 3 diamonds and then i when i did the daily spin i landed on the diamond (for once) and earned 3 diamonds!

Recently so many Jammers are obsessed with rares!

Me and some other Jammers were trying to break the ice earlier!

And me and my friends started a Horse Herd/Clan! 

It was really fun! 

Today's Daily Mystery!

This Deer Symbol is in the Coral Canyons Pathway What does it mean? Why is it there?
Comment down below what you think!

That's about it for today!

Click Here to enter the contest!

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