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March 3, 2014

The Arabian Blanket made of silk: Rare Item Monday

Hey, what's up everyone? Today is Monday, and there is a very special item for the jammers who prefer luxury at it's best. It's a DAMASK blanket. If you are wondering what a Damask Blanket is, here is the meaning: Silk, fabric, cotton, (or any type of blanket material) that has a pattern formed by weaving. 

Silk worms create millions and millions of silk blankets, clothes and other products. In Thailand, they make silk blankets. And what is gross is that Thai people (some  Thai natives) eat silk worms.  They all start out as tiny worms, and the women raise the Silk Worms and when they become cocoons, it's time for the weaving to begin. Women do the weaving. Tiny worms turn into beautiful silk. Tiny, but MIGHTY, right? Pretty interesting idea, AJHQ. They can be pretty creative!
       I bet the deer depicted loves her blanket! Maybe I'll get one.

P.S. : Cosmo Matryoshka dolls are out! Head to Epic Wonders and get some dolls for your den. 


Jam On! 

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