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July 30, 2014

Heart Pillow: A short Post

Hey Jammers C: I have a bad cold and a mild headache, allergies, and a stuffed nose so I'm feeling miserable and tired right now. My mood is fine, I just feel different.... anyways, today's new item is a heart pillow.

           Sorry for the giant delay in posts. Anyways, I also made a post on the Animal Jam Bang by Mimi5000. All i really did today was watch youtube videos and TV, and I also played Animal Jam. I'm feeling sick and under the weather so hang in there for me, jammers. I also made 1 youtube video. I do realize the fact you may have wondered where I was those days. I'll tell you. I was feeling......


LAZY. Yes, Lazy.

And this post is very short for a reason. I'm going to bed soon. Here's the news!

I made a Club Penguin Blog. I still dislike Nm's get less on CP, but I still play. My blog address is:

Please visit it! <3

:Yawns: Goodnight, jammers, and here's my latest video before I go:

Hope you can sub to my youtube channel. I'm out of here!

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