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April 14, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare Leaf Necklace and AUTHOR TRY-OUTS FORM!

Hey, Jammers!!!!!!! Today's Rare Item Monday is a Rare Leaf Necklace. This photo, below I'd say is a SPECIAL HINT to when the Giraffes come back. They come back this week on Thursday! On last week's Rare Item Monday post remember when I said that giraffes would be coming back this Thursday (Thursday April 17th)? Well, anyways, I think I'm right. (If you want to be a blog author skip to the bottom of the page- only two spaces are open.)


       Wow. It seems like ages since giraffes went traveling. And, hopefully they will make Rhinos available too! You don't really see much of these animals anymore. I'm buying myself both of those animals when they return. And have you ever noticed the Animal Jam ads with the Animals holding swords and such? Well yesterday when I was online I found one! And you might not want to miss the new bike that hit the shops yesterday.
I love this new item. Even though I admit I can't ride a bike.

You might want to check out this new link out of a form I made for the Animal jam Cruise Ship authors try-outs. Click for the form here.

                                                                 Jam On!





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