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February 17, 2014

Rare Item Monday and... umm.... a... Cherry Tree.

Yeah, yeah, it's Monday (RIM!) , but on Monday, do you ever think what the new item could be? It could be a beta, or anything else. But for today's RIM, it's a Hair Wig. The  usual normal item with a rare version. OH MAH GERD >.> 

                              Here's the picture. A REALLY WEIRD ONE.. WARNING. 

Look at the eyes... and the facial hair. HER HER. A weird combo, if I say so myself.

                                            The new item, a cherry tree. (Tiny cherries)

Tiny wittle cwerries :3
P.S.- Who's like to be a author? Neros1234 or anyone who has experience on animal jam. Could use a helping hand here, eh? Even though I update everyday.

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