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February 24, 2014

Rare Item Monday & eagle stuff.. PLUSSS A GLITCH THAT IS WEIRD

Hey Jammers! Steam Punk goggles, there we have it! That's today's RIM.


Maybe if you want to look like a character from Harry Potter called Mad Eye Moody.

Here's a picture O.o

 Oops I spelled "Monocle" wrong.. my bad!
The Eagle Secrets... Not so secret anymore!!!

Eagles can go anywhere, fly up and down and etc, etc. 
Take a look at the places eagles can go!!

In zios, eagles can see the giant elephant of awesomeness.

A island in the Adventure Base Camp.... a new adventure coming soon!! Eagles can't do adventures, sadly.

Eagles in the photo booth!! Might make this my profile picture :)

AHHHH!! It's a black hole of nothing!! A black hole in the paradise party, AHEM, it's just a error from aj. 

Swoopy eagle. The new game which can be found in Coral Canyons, Zios, The Forest, Sol Arcade, and some dens.

And a video showing me getting a eagle, and some eagle moves!

 Full Screen, Jammers... yep.

Weird glitch: Underwater pet on land?

My jelly fish is in Crystal Sands. On LAND. (Rhymes, a bit, huh) This seems to only work for penguins and seals. LAND and UNDERWATER animals.

Jam On!! Don't copy the photos. Be a jammer, jammers ;)
See ya next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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