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February 8, 2014

Updates!~ THE NEW ANIMAL IS A EAGLE :D (Oh yeah sorry for this being late.)

Hey Jammers!!! I MADE THE UPDATES LAAAATTEEEEE!! XD :) I had choir practice AND I was watching the Olympics. Hey, isn't it nice to spend time with family? Here are some PAWsome updates.

                                                           The Sunken Ship for all jammers

Yay!!! Any jammer can have 2 awesome dens to decorate!

                                                                       Underwater den items for everyone        
THANK YOU!! AJ has finally done a  NM underwater den.

                                                                               New Animal is....
I think they should make a special tree top area for birds. (except for penguin.)

                                                                          Welcome to Jamaa... in a whole new way

It's the Blue Heron. New jammers can buy new clothes too. 

                                                                              New ad!!! OMG
WHY do they have to make the animals have swords and clubs? (Panda)

                                                                New stuff

New clothes items

Garland made of sweet roses
                                         Underwater den items:

           Heart rug, and Pink Treasure

(couldn't get a picture it glitches)

  Jam On


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