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April 21, 2014

Rare Beard Phantoms

Hey Jammers! Today's RIM is perfect for a pirate jammer! 

This jamtastic pirate loot awaits on the 8th page of Jam Mart Clothing! It looks like this wolf is always ready for his sails across the seven seas when he wears this, and you can too. (hehe.)

Here are the prizes from Greely's Inferno (hard mode) and what they look like on an animal:

(Image from the Animal Jam Spirit)

(Image from the Animal Jam Spirit) 

                  Now this Phantom Armor comes in 5 different pieces so be sure to play Hard Mode on Greely's Inferno many times to win all pieces! And good luck with that!
Since it is Monday, everybody look at this Jammer mystery in Sol Arcade!

(idea credit submitted by suunn)

       Why is it there? Will there be new games there in the future? Comment down below what you think it might be!

I was just in Jamaa Township talking to my buddies when out of the corner of my eye I saw a...

Gang of Arctic Wolves all wearing Rare Headdresses! 

There is also a new video in Brady's Theater all about Bunnies!

That's about all the news in Jamaa for today. See you soon!

- Happy Jamming -



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