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June 9, 2014

RIM: Ocean Blue Worn

Hey Jammers! Today's Rare Item Monday is a Rare Ocean Blue worn, which can be found on the very first page of the Jam Mart Clothing store for 200 gems. This item is sure to brighten up your day, because it is for all members.


This item is great if you want to complete your worn  blanket collection!

And as for the Daily Update, it's all about videos!

Crystal Sands Theater

Brady's Theater

Sarepeia Theater

Gotta Scram! 

That's it for the day today (I'm busy)

Jam On!


  1. Londonpie i may have to remove you as an author of my blog because your not posting when your meant to!

    1. Well I don't want to argue but you post when I want to post. I can't post I AM TOO busy! Can you understand? I want to be an author! If you do this I will remove you and get someone else.

    2. You get it? I'm gonna post. Go peace corps.


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