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June 15, 2014

Gazelle Horns & Games

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is the Gazelle horns which are a returning item from 250 gems and look pretty  cool on animals like foxes and Arctic Wolves. This item is a returning item, so watch out for more returning items in Jamaa. Maybe all the items you've ever dreamed of will return? The world of Jamaa may never know. Get your gazelles today. I believe there are some new colors so check those out too.


These epic Gazelle-ish items can help any jammer look stunning and cool. I wish they were Non-Member!

And we were wondering what AJ has next for sale........................
 Possibly Worn Blankets, or Top Hats, Maybe Mech Helmets?

Ok, while your thinking about the whole returning item thing, here is the day's daily explorer post.

The Spirit armor was a Monthly Member Gift in 2013 in April. Use this armor to protect you from the phantoms in adventures.

Be sure to pick up your armor in the Diamond Shop.

So, you've been wondering what the title "Games" means in the title. Well, I am going to show you  2 of the games like Animal Jam I play. 

Pet Pet Park:

This game is really fun :-) You get to adopt your very own pet pet and chat and walk around and dress your pet pet up. This game is fun if you want to make friends but watch out for the snobs. I am Skyhallow feel free to meet me at my house on weekends I don't really go on alot though.

Club Penguin:

Be a virtual penguin and explore lands and party. Meet new friends too :-) . This game is not a very good game if you can't pay for membership, so I suggest you save your money to get a membership at Club Penguin. Overall, it is a very fun and safe game to play. I am Homerkitty if you want to friend me.

Well that's it for today Jammers!

Jam On!

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