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June 21, 2014

Haven't been posting in a couple of days

Hello Jammers you might wonder why I have not been able to post on AJCS over the course of the week. It is that I have been somewhat busy, and I have not gotten around to posting. I probably (sometimes) did not feel like posting, and other times I was on Animal Jam or Minecraft or Club Penguin. On Animal Jam, I was hanging out with buddies I normally don't see and Roleplaying a Kingdom where I was the Queen on AJ, which was really fun and SILLY XD . I haven't posted since Father's Day, June 15th. Hope everyone enjoyed that day with their fathers. So, primarily I am going to post all the items I missed Over the week. I hope you overall understand why I have been gone and I hope this never happens again so you all can read my posts and maybe we could swap blogs. No one really comments, and I am telling the truth, and like Snowypaw said (on Ask Londonpie) "I find it weird that a lot of people read your blog and half of them don't follow it." Which Is true because NO ONE Except my authors and a two friends of mine are Joined on to this blog. I would appreciate people's moral support and maybe they could comment, or maybe follow this blog. Okay, so here are the new items I missed over the week on this blog.

          The items above can be found in Jam Mart Furniture, the Summer Carnival, and Jam Mart Clothing.
                                                      And here we have one Diamond Shop item.


The Wolf Claw is for ALL PLAYERS and is kind of like the real claw machine, but with only wolves. Great idea AJHQ!

Also, before we end this Long-ish post, I want to inform you to vote on the poll which you will soon find on the right sidebar of this blog.

Happy Jamming- and get voting on the poll!

That's all!

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