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June 29, 2014

Freedom Fox Hats

Hey Jammers! Today's new item you can find in the fantastic Freedom Party Clothing Shop for quite a few gems- 1,250, that is! Get yours today and watch the beautiful show of fireworks at the Freedom Party!

This item makes me think, "Bravo, AJHQ!" Because this item is for all members near and far. Wear your fox hat and party in style! Maybe you could host a freedom party and party like there is no end in honor of the United State's Independence Day! Here is a quick Question to comment down below: What celebrations are you going to do for the 4th Of July if you live in the United States of America?  I know where I'm going! To my aunt's house! And as for some important updates you would might like to know information about: The hovering desks are only here for One Last Day, so be sure to get your hovering desk before they hover away! Most like AJHQ is going to design new versions of items and more so stay tuned for some updates on your favorite game! Also be sure to buy the Paw Rugs because they too are almost gone in Jam Mart Furniture!


Before we have a look at today's Daily Explorer post, I am going to be posting Jammer Shout-outs through out the week in honor of Jammers I think deserve a shout out. If you got nominated, then I will send you a jam a gram! Even if you don't get nominated, be sure to still act kind to jammers EVERYWHERE IN JAMAA.

Pandahearn, who is known as Snowypaw on Blogger, has helped A LOT with my blog, including posting, suggestions, and more! I am grateful for her help. The shout-out goes to you, Pandahearn ;)

Here is the day's DE Post! It, again is about the Freedom Party!

As they say, "Get ready to 'oo' and 'ahh'" at the freedom party, be sure to just do that and comment below what you think of the freedom party! 


Don't forget to enter your Jammer Snaps of all 27 animals by the end of the day!

Jam On!

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