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June 12, 2014

AJ Updates for June 12

Hey Jammers! Today there is some pretty awesome updates, because you all know it's Thursday! And for a spoiler before you read this post, a new Underwater Adventure has come.... and this time, it's for all members! (And did I mention this is the 120th issue?)                                    

And to start off here is the day's new item, in honor of the World Cup which was earlier today.  ( Go Brazil!)


Get yours in Jam Mart Furniture for 300 gems!

On The first page of the Newspaper.....

The Underwater Adventure!

Grab your buddies and go underwater for this quite fun underwater adventure, which is for all members! There are some pretty cool prizes too! Play solo or with your friends! So glad Animal Jam took their time to make this EPIC adventure ^_^ because it's for all players! Adventure forever, Jammers!

Page 2:

Updated Daily Spin!

I believe the Gift gives you a rare/special item, and the second diamond is a chance to win more diamonds! Log on daily to start winning those prizes!

Page 3:

More Colors!
AJ HQ has updated the game so now you can get MORE colors! The Baby Blue Color is still available, it's just a lighter version than the version AJHQ gives you on the color choices pad. I will post a how to video on how to get the color soon! Next let's be hoping they make more patterns!
Page 4:
Spirit Armor for sale in Diamond Shop...

This returning armor set is now at the Diamond Shop. Not to mention the other two new pieces, the tail armor and the amulet. Many members, such as me, got the armor piece for a Monthly Member gift in April 2013.

Page 5:

Flag Shop sale!

There is another sale in Jamaa going on at the Flag Shop, where everything is 50 percent off  in honor of the world cup! Get your favorite team's flag!

Page 6:

AJ Accessory Drawing Contest!

Submit your accessory ideas through Jammer Central or the Painting Activity. Good luck with AJ's contest!! It's been so long since they did one.

Page 7:

Printable Pages in the medical center!

Print worksheets and even a letter format you can send to people from The Medical Center.

Last But Not least, Page 8:

Lions are going to be endangered!
Lions are not a very popular AJ Animal. So sad to see them become endangered, just like pandas did. I have a lion... get your lions before it is June 26th!

That's all for today, Jammers!

Jam On and Play wild.

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