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June 26, 2014

This Thursday's Updates

Hey Jammers! Today is another one of the month's EPIC update times, on Thursdays! For starters, check out our first update, which tells about the cute little pet giraffes that you can find in the Diamond Shop for three diamonds, like all the other cutesy animals you can find in the pet shop there.

      Get your pets today for 3 diamonds! And on the second page, check out the Crystal Palace den! Which can be found in the Diamond Shop den shop for 7 diamonds, instead of 5.

And for a royal tour of this EPIC DEN, watch my video below!

And be sure to visit my den in AJ to see it completed and decorated!! Pick yours up today!.
And as for the next update, be sure to read the reminder that the Freedom Party is going on! Get your fireworks and new items while watching the SPECTACULAR show to celebrate Independence day for the USA. For a less great update, the lions are now endangered, so no one will be able to get one for 10 diamonds. Only members who bought one before they were endangered will be able to create new ones.

For the adventure update, check out the new HARD MODE of  Bubble Trouble, where you can get even COOLER prizes... and more gems! Who doesn't want gems! And the underwater adventure base camp can be reached from the left of Bahari Bay.

And for other great news, the RHINOS are gonna return soon! Check out this funny video and cross your fingers and hope that the rhinos return soon!

And be sure to enter the contest by June 30th through the Art Center. Also check the epic wonders sale!

          And as for some MORE cool updates, comments are now available on the Daily Explorer!                                                                                                                                                            

                                                      Let's check out the day's new items!

The straw hat can be found in Jam Mart Clothing for 450 Gems! Be a Farmer!

And this music can be found in the Diamond Shop music station for 1 diamond. Jam On!


  1. I got a cheetah the day before the update, and I really want the new den now, but I have 0 diamonds!

    1. I got the den, and ended up spending a whole bunch of gems on it, so I would recommend not just saving DIAMONDS, but gems as well. I have 1 diamond at the moment. I probably will not get anymore as my membership is expiring around next week i believe.


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