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June 2, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare Propellers

Hey Jammers! Londonpie here with the RIM Post! Today's Rare Item Monday looks like it takes us underwater! It's the rare Propeller which can be found on the 6th page of Bahari Bargins for 950 gems. 


With these items you can propel through the underwater lands of Jamaa and win a game of Splash and Dash. These also look great on dolphins!!

And as for the daily update check out all the new videos in the theaters across Jamaa!!

In brady baar's theater:

Do you think Hyenas are related to dogs?

In the Aquarium Theater:

Why DO you think angelfish are called angelfish?

And last but not least, the Sarepeia Forest Theater.

What do you think this video is about before watching it?

Some glitches I noticed today:

Hope that giraffe doesn't sink!

And hopefully they will fix this annoying word glitch.

Comment Question: What do you think the answer is to some of the questions about the videos? Go watch em' for your self!

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