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June 3, 2014

Clown Hyenas

Hi Jammers! Today's new item is Clown Hair, which is sold in the Summer Carnival Clothing shop for 1,250 tickets. Get your afro today! On most animals, these cover their eyes.... and look a lot like cotton candy.

Don't have enough tickets? Buy em' at the ticket stand.

   You coulld go to someone's AJ birthday party and be a clown. Who wouldn't love that? I wouldn't. Clowns are super duper duper scary. Anyways, for the day's DE post, it's Creature Feature time!! And it's all on the Hyena AJHQ adopted. 

                                                        Watch the video!

It's Tusker the Hyena. How cute! Want to help endangered animals? Donate your gems or buy a membership!! And if you wanna learn more on animals , click here to go to AJ Academy. 


                                  Get your NM den portals at the Diamond Shop today!


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