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June 1, 2014

New Pearl Birthstones, MarketWired announces AJ On Mobile Devices

Hey Jammers! Londonpie here. Happy summer! Today's new item is a Pearl Birthstone.


These items are good for anyone who's birthday is in June! They are sold in Epic Wonders at the furniture shop for quite a few gems. Be sure to get yours to add to your collection. Next month, be sure to watch out for the Ruby Birthstone.

And as you may have read in the title, it looks like Smart Bomb Interactive (People who invented Animal Jam) is going to release a mobile version of Animal Jam this October (Q4) , as it states on the website MarketWired.

It also states on the website that AJ will have more languages later this year, which I personally think is a great idea to grab more attention to AJ, resulting in a number of multi-language blogs. And as for the app, it's good for people who are on the road and want to play Animal Jam on their tablet or phone. So stay tuned and wait for this app to come out and be sure to share the news with your friends! Click here to go to and read this article for yourself. 

For more AJ news, it looks like there has been a update to the Desktop Backgrounds Page on the Daily Explorer. Today, a new desktop background has come out just in time for summer: the summer carnival desktop background.

Celebrate summer on your computer with this cool desktop background which comes in various sizes, unlike the old layout of the desktop background page. Click this link to see the many cool desktop backgrounds and possibly add one to your computer today.

Have a great day and stay tuned for more Animal Jam updates.

Jam On and Play wild!

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