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June 30, 2014

Rare Item Monday: Rare Freedom Ties

Hello Cruise Jammers! Today is Monday, it is good old Rare Item Monday again! Today's Rare Item is also freedom themed, and can be found on the 5th page of the Jam Mart Clothing Store for 550 gems.


Since I have limited time this post will be short & sweet. Have you completed YOUR collection of freedom day items? There are many items to be released at the Freedom Party, so watch out for them. Most jammers in Jamaa celebrate this holiday of the United State Of America's freedom by watching fireworks at the Freedom Party, and sharing a smile with friends! For jammers who don't celebrate the fourth of July, you can still hang out with your buddies and have a good time! Since I've got a few minutes before I say Jam On to all you jammers, check out the daily mystery!

It's that Elephant above the Temple of Trivia. I wonder what it means. Comment Time: What do you think this strange elephant means? Does it mean the Elephant Alpha discovered the Temple Of Trivia? Does it mean The Temple Of Zios was once home to elephants? What do YOU think?

And for a little something before we call it a night, check out this awesome blog I found on the web!

It's a blog called Your Guide to Animal Jam! I think all jammers should check it out. Be sure to leave a comment on their blog as it would be appreciated by the owners!
This blog has detailed posts, and a great header! I really do enjoy the less cluttered layout of their blog. 

That's All for today's short post!!

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