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June 11, 2014

Cosmo Tiki Statue

Hey Jammers! Today's new item is another version of the Underwater Tiki Statues, but this time, instead of Liza, it's the Cosmo Tiki Statue. You can find this Sour Puss Cosmo at Jam Mart Furniture for a total of 500 gems.

"No Mommy, I want to do what I WANT to do."

Poor cosmo also looks like he's constipated... but don't all tiki statues do?

And as for the day's DE post, it's on The AMAZING Ocean-inspired art just in time for World Oceans Day, which is this week. 

And be sure to submit your 2014 Fifa World Cup Pictures to the art studio in Coral Canyons! It's time to get Kicking!

....And a healthy "congratulations" to all the winners of Jammer Art :)

And you know What I'm going to do when the Fifa World Cup Starts?

Yep, Pinkie pie, I'm gonna PARTY HARD!.

That's all for today's post!

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