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April 22, 2014

Earth Day!

Hey Jammers! You should check out this new item designed to be Eco Friendly, the Offset Glass Shelves!  These shelves really are green, saving your wall space, and they are also cost effective, because most items cost 500 gems, and this one is 400 gems. 

These come in a Variety of colors like gray,black,red,blue,green,purple,light brown,and hazel.

                           From your Birthstone to plushies, you can store a lot on these shelves!

                                                              Check out today's video on the DE!


I wonder where these ants live! Wouldn't it be cool to be a tiny little ant?

Check out this cool earth day fact!

1970? Wow! That's about the year your parents could have been born! The first ever Earth Day...

Wow! Have a happy, happy, earth day! Protect the Earth!

That's it for today,


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