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April 26, 2014

Modern Turtles

Hello Jammers,Today's new item is the Modern Shelves! 

You can buy these Glass Shelves in Jam Mart Furniture,in an array of 10 colors!

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Click here to download.print and color a Sea Turtle,from the AJ Academy!

Also i looked at The Rise Against Hackers blog and i think there is a new hacker around because i looked up piirros and went to their den and woah!! Their then is so beta (i think they hacked)

How many Beta Mats do they have?? and the Beta Frogs and the beta robots!

Here is today's Daily Mystery!

Were these the creatures in Jamaa before the Shamans? Comment down below what you think!

Here is Fox Fact File! ( Credit to the animal jam river )


Foxes are a members-only animal, and are also the most popular member animal so far.

They where first seen in Jamaa on July 2012, when first brought, they are a reddish raspberry color with a white underbelly, and dark brownish-pink legs.

Many nonmembers wish for foxes to be for all jammers, However there's a nonmember fox glitch,  If you want to learn how, search it up on the web and there should be lots of results.

Their Shaman is currently Amelia: 

 Amelia's statue in the Mystery Emporium.

Not much is known about Amelia, but i like to imagine her being beautiful, clever, and energetic.

Here's a colored-in statue to show what she might have looked like.

 How Amelia might have looked like.

Fun Facts about Foxes!

 1. Foxes can run nearly 30 miles per hour!

2. Their hearing is very sensitive, they can even hear rodents running about underground.

3. Foxes are mainly nocturnal.

4. Foxes live 2 to 3 years, and up to 10 years or even longer in captivity.

5. Foxes usually play with their prey before killing it- just like cats.

That's about it for today Jammers!


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