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April 30, 2014

Sir Gilbert Tiki Statues

Hello Jammers! Today's new item is the Sir Gilbert Tiki Statue!

This grumpy looking statue can be brought in Sunken Treasures in Kani Cove! I wonder if they will sell all of the Alphas in Tiki version?

Today's Daily Explorer Post!

Congratulations to all the Jammers that got their artwork featured in today's post!

There are also two  new videos in Sarepia Theater and Brady's Theater!

Those videos sure look neat to be sure to check them out!

There is also an item on clearance the Snow Shoes sold in the Hot Cocoa Hut!

This clearance item will be posted on my Clearance Items blog later on.

Here is today's Daily Mystery!

What did this used to be before it became the adventures entrance? Was it a secret place?Comment down your thoughts and opinions!

That wraps it up for today's post! 

- Happy Jamming -

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