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October 24, 2013

Today in Jamma..

Ok hai!! Check out this EPIC stuff today!

                      1. A new adventure!! "The Great Escape"

Awesome, huh?

                                                           2. Trick-or-treating! With Halloween soon, Jammers will LUURVE                                                                  this new feature!


                         3. The Much Loved Candy Bowl! I love this! So Happy to see it return.

NM's and MEMBERS can enjoy this!
                              4. Phantom on your head! Have a EPIC phantom on your head.. make the phantoms                                       run!

                                            5. Game Invites! Jammers CAN NOW do "Join Me!" for games!!

Ikr! Cool, and great if you wanna earn gems!
                                            6. *Last, but not least!* Scorpion Armor announced!

Niiceeee! I don't like scorpions though..
     Lol, ok, that's it. And for you arty jammers, there's a new Sketch Jam video of a phantom. 

 Jaaaaammm Onn!

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