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February 23, 2015

Lucky day items, Rare Hat and Curly Wigs, and more!

Hi jammers! Londonpie here! And today I bring you a new post about many things including Jamaa's RIM, which is the Rare Curly Wig. I also met a fan of mine, who had a very interesting question about a retired item from the diamond shop. And as for new items, Lucky Day items have just started to be released in Jam Mart Clothing and Jam Mart Furniture. To begin, here's the Rare Hat and Curly Wig. (not to be confused with the ultra-fancy-super-duper-girly wig in Jam Mart Clothing!)

This item is sold for 750 gems, and compared to the basic NM version, this item is a lot more expensive, and obviously for members. 
And, now for an amazing look by the fabulous Arctic wolf, Juniper...

Crowds are SHOCKED at how fabulous this dog is! Fans are screaming at her so they can get an autograph!

Erm, now for the Lucky Day items & a short summary of Jamma's updates.

The clover blanket, and clover tie are the newest items in Jamma's clothing store. Also, the lucky bench is the newest furniture item! In Jamaa, the newest update is the pet ponies. 
They are so cute ^.^ I only have 1 diamond, though.
Also, you might want to get yourself a snow leopard before they leave on March 5th! Which is pretty close!

Now, for a special fan named Wolfiegirl57944 ....

She asks: What are the rarity of Wind Gauntlets? 

Let's find out below!

I'd have to say, I think Wind Gauntlets are worth about another piece of the wind armor, another retired Diamond Shop clothing item (non rare spike, non rare wrist etc...) or some small rares such as older Rare Item Mondays, fox hats, rare bows, etc. It really all depends on the person you send the trade to. Hope I helped Wolfiegirl! If anybody else has an AJ question, Jam a Gram me :)

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