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January 23, 2014

Updaaates... (some exciting ones)

What's up jammers?! Today is Thursday, a day when AJ normally does noticeable updates. There seems to be some pretty exciting updates too.

                                                         Den sale...

A den sale.  ALL dens for 50 % off ! Sounds like  shopping spree for me, eh?
                                                                             Adventures all in one portal

Just click the portal and chose your adventure! Also click the button on the map. 

                                                                               Friendship Festival

Just in time for February! Also check out the new Jam a Gram options too.

                                                    A new feathered animal coming to jamaa!

COOL! Flying animals.... AT LAST! I hope they make a special tree top land for flying animals only.

                                   Jam On! What do you think this new animal is?



  1. An eagle, look at all the capital letters on the far left...

    1. What? Ok.. I guessed it was an eagle too. I have been watching TV alot.. I felt like saying that. ROAR IM A MOUTAIN LION.. :p


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