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January 9, 2014

Updates for January 2014 :)

It's kind of hard to get used to saying 2014. But it's kind of easy to accept new updates on animal jam for 2014. There is so many things.......



                                                              Ice Armor in Diamond Shop:

In 2013, I never had a chance to get Ice Armor so I think this is a great idea... :)

                                                     For those of you who like Greely's Inferno:

Hard Mode!! YAYYYY!!

                                                                                Pet Owls:

Owls now for sale in the Diamond Shop! I bought one today for 3 diamonds.

                                                                             Snow Fort den:

More like ice fort. Lol

                                                                                   New Item:

Sorta like a virtual big cat wristband from AJ outfitters.

                                                          Jam On!


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