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December 9, 2013

Jamaaliday Gift and new item!! (And Rare Item Monday- LET US NOT FORGET!)

Always the Jamaaliday gift and new item. Right? Today I have more than that. Well, we'll see ;)

Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat!
 Rare Item Monday:


                                                                   Jamaaliday Gift:

GIANT FROSTY THE SNOWMAN!! Sways in your den.

                                                                                   New Item:

Ooooo! Round and comes in a variety of colors.

                                                                       Jam On!

                                   The surprise.... 

                              Many of you may have heard of this website, called Club Penguin

                                                      And, I'm showing you this cause' I am inspired by their "Coins For Change" program, where you can donate your virtual "coins" and I believe they turn that into real money- I am not sure. But, I do play Club Penguin. You can add me, I am Homerkitty. Also always do what you can to donate to real-world organizations, such as WWF (World Wildlife Foundation) ASPCA, The Salvation Army, Goodwill... (etc, etc.) you can donate your money and old items in good shape you don't need to some of these programs. Any organization to good causes. :)

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