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December 5, 2013

Updates! December 2013

Happy Holidays!!! I am getting my Christmas Tree next week. (Dec. 14th.) :)

                                                        The Deer are FINALLY HERE!! (not in Diamond Shop!)

Yay! Skip and gallop happily with a deer! ;)

                                                         Gingerbread Den in the diamond shop!


I could eat this WHOLE house...

                                                                                  New Adventure coming soon...

FUN! Has to do with the phantom volcano.

                                                                         Jamaaliday Gifts in Diamond shop! 

 1 diamond and for all Jammers. :)

                                                                              New Item:

Jolleh elfs wear this hat..


                                                                        Today's Jamaaliday Gift was 400 gems, and I wonder if deers will be aloud at the Horses Only Party.. they  are animals that are wild animals. (In north america.)

                                                Jam On!


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