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August 15, 2014

Lady Bugs + Explanation for Absence

Hey Jammers, today's new item is a Lady Bug Hat which is sold in Jam Mart Clothing for 450 gems. Anyways, this is no normal post because I will be telling people why I was gone and more news. Here is what the new item looks like as well as it's appearance on a Bunny.
                                       This is a very cute item so you should buy it. NOW. Now.

And the bunny is just ADORABLE.

And for the  explanation, I'm really sorry guys, the truth is, I'm WAY to lazy and I always do other things instead of blog on this blog. I'm tired. And Lazy. And I do a lot of stuff. Everybody that loves me I adore. And I do in fact post on other blogs such as the Animal Jam Bang and the Animal Jam Explorer Lodge as well as AJCS. I use GooglePlus and do other things much more than blogging. I guess I may have lost a partial interest in blogging for Animal Jam. I am in fact starting school soon, so I will on August 26th have a good reason not to post. Posts will be limited since I have many classes in school. Plus, I do tennis which is a very fun sport and that will take up time as well. So please don't hate me for being a lazy poster. I love my family and friends so I might have that as a reason to not post, to spend time with them. Isn't that better than blogging? I'm not quitting just expect to see less posts. That's all and I will be releasing a new schedule for this blog soon.

Anyways, here's the Jammer of the Week:

Congrats to my buddy Derpsareawesome :)

Funny picture of the day:

Oh my lord, she's so smashing!

That's all for today!

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