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August 5, 2014

Tall Tiki Tables And Otters

Good evening, Jammers. You might have noticed there has been some major MAJOR gaps in between. I just want tot let you know  I will be posting regular soon.....thanks to Rocky Claw for reminding me.


As you could probably could read the reply comment, I'm pretty sure I am indeed lazy. Lazy as a PIZZA! I was also doing stuff besides blogging all day. In fact, I was even playing Animal Jam and being me I did not want to blog. 

That has nothing really to do about Animal Jam.. Oh well! It's just a image place holder ^-^ check out the new tall tiki table available in Jam Mart Furniture for 400 gems.

It comes in 3 varieties, wood, bamboo, and straw. 

Besides that, here is a Animal Jam secret..... it's the otters.

The design has been leaked on Deviant Art. Click here to see another picture of the otter. Looks like their play. Looks like otters will POSSIBLY be announced this Thursday. There is a possibility AJ might POSSIBLY make news tomorrow since the last update was on a Wednesday. According to the news calender, it looks like the otters will be here soon:

I think most likely Thursday. Who knows? Just keep your eyes peeled!

And be sure to watch the Animal jam Video about Dr. Tierney and a Auv!

That's All!


  1. How can you be lazy as a PIZZA?
    I mean how is a pizza lazy? o3o
    (I'm sorry I don't comment much, but I do read the posts. I am also lazy as a PUPCAKE)

    1. Pizza is LAZY. I don't know where i came up with that o.o


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