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August 7, 2014

Turning The Tide

Hello Jammers! Today is update day! So lets check out the front cover of today's Jamaa Journal! Starting off with a new underwater adventure! Turning The Tide!

Here are a few images of the newest adventure where you have to rescue the Dolphin Alpha Tavie,from the clutches of the wicked Phantoms!

If you haven't already tried out this awesome adventure head on over there now! Next up is the second page of the Jamaa Journal!

That is really annoying me and all of my buddies thought that Otters were arriving in Jamaa today! But they are so cute I can't wait to buy one but I will be mad if they are for sale in the Diamond Store! And head over to Jamaa Journal or Jammer Central to watch an all new video Otterly Fun! Now for the third page!

Moving on,the votes for the Den Item Contest have been counted up and winner has been announced the winner of the Den Item Contest was the Ice-Cream Parlor! You can now purchase the whole ice cream parlor set in Jam Mart Furniture!

You can now make your den an Ice-Cream Parlor,and invite your buddies and have a gigantic ice cream feast! Moving on,here is the Fourth Page!

I hear that this is a great guide,even the new diamond code: Twelve is found in this Guide Book! So if you haven't purchased yours yet head on over to the Daily Explorer to see where you can purchase your own! Moving on,here is the Fifth Page!

Yay! All pets are now 50% Off in honor of Adoption Week! So be sure to purchase your favorite pets while there on sale! And now you can preview the den you want before you purchase it! Thanks AJHQ!

The Jammer Central Calendar has been updated to August Activities...

The New item for today is the Monkey Claw which can be purchase in the Diamond Store...

And to end my post today I leave you with 2 amazing Daily Explorer Posts...


Today's new video has been released in Tierney's Theater...

That's about it for today's post! Happy Jamming!

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